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Friday, April 1, 2016

Free Crochet Amigurumi Pattern: Baby Carrots

(Shown in Caron United Orange)

I am steady working on all kinds of crochet food patterns thanks to my 5 year old! Today I am sharing the baby carrots he requested and within the next few days I will have up the large carrot pattern too. Any worsted weight yarn will be suitable for use with this pattern, for my carrots shown I used Caron United Yarn. Be sure to work your stitches tightly and stuff your carrots firmly but not so much that you create holes in the crochet work.

Thanks for stopping by!

Skill Level: Easy

Finished Size: Approx. 1” W x 4.5” L (w/stems)

Worsted Weight Yarn
      -1 yard green for each carrot
      -8 yards orange for each carrot
Size G (4.0 mm) Crochet Hook 
Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle

Stitch Abbreviations (US Terms):
BLO – Back Loop Only
Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
Sc2tog – Single Crochet 2 Together
Sl St – Slip Stitch
Sp – Space

5 sc & 6 rows = 1”

Important Notes:
-This pattern uses the Magic Circle, if you do not know how to make a magic circle (aka magic ring) check out my quick video here: https://youtu.be/64O9WVJucFA
-Because this pattern is worked in the round, I recommend placing a stitch marker in the last sc of the row, moving it up as you go so you can easily keep track of your rows.
-Sc2tog counts as one sc.

Starting with orange

Row 1: Magic circle, ch 1, 6 sc in the circle. Pull circle tight, do not join. (6 sc)

Row 2: Sc in the very first sc you made, you will now be working in the round. Sc in each around.
(6 sc)
Row 3: *Sc in 2, 2 sc in next.* Repeat *to* around. (8 sc)
Row 4: Sc in each around. (8 sc)
Row 5: *Sc in 3, 2 sc in next.* Repeat *to* around. (10 sc)
Row 6-9: Sc in each around. (10 sc) If you haven’t already, sew in your beginning end and turn the piece right side out.
Row 10: *Sc in 4, 2 sc in next.* Repeat *to* around. (12 sc)
Row 11: Sc in each around. (12 sc)
Row 12: *Sc in 5, 2 sc in next.* Repeat *to* around. (14 sc)
Row 13: Sc in each around, sl st loosely in last. (13 sc, 1 sl st)

You can now stuff your carrot.

Row 14: In BLO: Sl st into first sp, [Ch 1, sc] in the same sp. *Sc2tog.* Repeat *to* 3 times, sc in next, *sc2tog.* Repeat *to* 3 times. Join with a sl st. 

Fasten off, sew hole shut and sew in the end.

Now, using green:

Cut 4 strands of yarn, with each strand being about 8” in length. Using your needle, pull each strand through the top center of the baby carrot. When all 4 strands are threaded through, knot them together tightly.

Trim to 2-3” in length to finish off.

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