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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Free Crochet Pattern Tutorial: Ammo Shoulder Belt for Toy Dart Bullets

My four boys have always been big Nerf fans and last weekend my youngest came to me wanting something to hold his ammo, he described exactly what he wanted and this was our results! The tutorial as written is in his size but you can easily adjust the beginning chain to make this belt slightly larger. Writing this out was no easy task but I hope I've explained it well enough for you to understand, I suggest scrolling through the photos before starting to give you an idea of the construction of the belt.

For my example I used Hobby Lobby's I Love this Yarn for the Camo portion but I've suggested Red Heart Super Saver because it's more readily available. Either will work just fine. My little guy and I would love to see your finished Ammo Belts, if you would like to share feel free to upload to my facebook page here: www.facebook.com/byjennidesigns or add to your Ravelry projects here: Ammo Shoulder Belt

Thanks for stopping by!

Size: Kids 5+ years

Red Heart Super Saver in black & camouflage
Size I (5.5 mm) Crochet Hook
Stitch Markers
Tapestry Needle

Stitch Abbreviations (US Terms):
Ch - Chain
Dc - Double Crochet
Dc2tog - Double Crochet 2 Together
FLO - Front Loop Only
Rs - Right Side
Sc - Single Crochet
Sl st - Slip Stitch
Sp - Space

3.5 dc & 2 rows = 1"

Important Note:
-Joins are made with sl st.

Shoulder Belt

With Black:

Ch 140, join.
Place chain over child's head, placing one side of the chain on the shoulder and the other side of the chain should be at about the child's hip. The chain should not be tight against their body, you want it to be slightly loose.

Row 1: Ch 2, dc in each around. Join.
Row 2-5: Ch 2, dc2tog, dc in next and in each around.

Fasten off after row 5.
Join with camo yarn in the same space as you fastened off in.

Row 6: Ch 1, sc2tog, sc in next and in each around.

Fasten off.

Bullet Pocket

Now, place the belt on your child again with row 6 closest to the neck and with the yarn ends on the child's shoulder (as shown below). Then you need to mark where you want your bullets to go, I marked off a total of 48 stitches.

After marking your stitches, you can remove the belt from the child.

Using camo yarn:

Quick note: Before joining in the next row leave a long end for sewing later.

Row 7: In FLO: Join with a sl st in the space you marked closest to the fasten off. Sc in each across until you reach your 2nd stitch marker.

Row 8-12: Ch 1, turn, hdc in each across.
Row 13: Ch 1, turn, sc in each across.

After row 13, you need to sl st down the side of the pocket you just made.

Ch 1, sc in the next open space on the belt portion.

Sc in next and in each around. Join to the first sc you made on the belt and fasten off leaving a long end.  

Use the ends on the sides of the pocket you created to sew the sides of the pocket down to the belt. Sew in your ends.

Next, decide if you want to sew each bullet space or if you want to sl st around every other bullet to create the spaces. Below you can see how I slip stitched around every other bullet.

To sl st, I first placed a bullet into the pocket all the way to the right then I joined just to the left of the bullet, started to sl st down, placed the 2nd bullet in the pocket then worked my way around the bottom and up the side then fastened off. Repeat to end. Our belt ended up fitting 11 bullets.

Now, sew in all those nasty ends.

Place on child and now you have a soldier ready for a nerf battle!

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