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Friday, October 3, 2014

Free Crochet Pattern: Ribbed Cowl

(Shown in Red Heart With Love Pewter)

This cowl has a free hat pattern to match here: Women's Ribbed Hat
& a fingerless gloves pattern: Ribbed Cuff Fingerless Gloves

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Women's

Red HeartWith Love Yarn, in 2 choice colors

Stitches (US Terms):
Ch – chain
Dc - double crochet
Fpdc - front post double crochet
Hdc - half double crochet
Sc - single crochet
Sl st - Slip stitch

-Joins are made with sl st
-Ch 2's count as dc in final stitch count only.

Ch 95. Join, making sure chain is not twisted.
Row 1: Ch 2, dc in same, dc in each around. Join. (96 dc)
Row 2-15: Ch 2, fpdc around next, *dc in 5, fpdc around next* Repeat *to* 14 more times, 15 times total, dc in last 4. Join. (80 dc, 16 fpdc)
Fasten off.
Fold wrong side out and in half length wise. With back sides touching sew together about 1 inch of the cowl at the edge. (pictured below)

You can now turn the cowl right side out.

White accent piece:
Row 1: Ch 11, hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc across. (10 hdc)
Row 2-26: Ch 1, hdc in each across. (10 hdc)
Row 27: Ch 1, sc around each edge, join. Fasten off.
Row 28: Join with grey in any stitch, sc around. Fasten off.

Wrap finished white accent piece around cowl where you stitched it together earlier, overlap in the front slightly and attach button. I stitched all through the entire cowl except the back side of the white piece when sewing on my button so my white accent piece won't slip around when being worn.
When sewing in the ends, use one of the grey ends to stitch across the white piece (pictured below). If you don't do this the corners of your white piece will curl up.

Sew in your ends.

Thanks so much to Clare who shared this pattern via the pattern spotlight in her 

Check out her amazing free patterns and video tutorials at 

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